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Lung Powered Scrubber Carbon Dioxide Removal
Part #: LPS-1000
Bag is 6 1/2” Dia. x 18” L
Weight of entire unit is 4 lbs.

Lung Powered Scrubber

"Suffocation by Carbon Dioxide Poisoning"

The installation of a safe room chamber or sealed room in your home or office will create a carbon dioxide chamber within hours without the use of the “Lung Powered Scrubber™.” This unit will absorb carbon dioxide through normal respiration.

The Lung Powered Scrubber™ was designed for removing carbon dioxide from an enclosed “Home Safe Room” chamber atmosphere. The silicone mask and canister are stored in a nylon storage bag. This technology has been used in the commercial diving industry and military submarines for over fifty years. The Lung Powered Scrubber™ can be used without any extensive training and will protect the user for many hours on one canister. The canister has a built-in PH indicator. The chemical is white and will turn violet in color while being used. The unit is “lung powered” and requires very little maintenance & no electricity. The old canister can be changed by simply removing the hose clamp and installing a fresh canister. A Lung Powered Scrubber™ should definitely be a standard part of your safe room supplies.

Canister Detail – Canister & contents are CE approved:
Part No. LPS-1000-SC

Sofnolime Carbon Dioxide Absorbant:
1) White to violet USP Grade
2) 2.5-5.0
3) >100 litres CO2/Kg absorption capacity
4) Chemical weight - 2.5 lbs.

Carbon Based Filter Media
1) Soft moldable material with very high air flow
2) Ref MP 1005
3) Carbon 20%
4) Alumina 20%

Safe Room Oxygen Analyzer
Digital Display:
2 Digit LCD

2.91”H x 1.88”W x 2.32”D

Part No. FSRP-O

Now that we have solved the problem of carbon dioxide build-up in your safe room chamber, we must address the problem of oxygen percentage in the safe room’s atmosphere. A small battery operated oxygen analyzer should be added to your safe room chamber supplies. The oxygen analyzer will give you the actual oxygen percentage in your safe room chamber at all times via a simple digital readout. It is most crucial that the oxygen level be maintained at the optimum level that is between 19 and 21%. The oxygen level should NEVER exceed 25%. When planning for a safe room chamber, it is very important to maintain the planned limit for the number of occupants that will be in the room. When the number of occupants is increased, the percentage of carbon dioxide will increase. For this reason, it is most important to plan to have extra Lung Powered Scrubbers™ for the maximum number of people that could be in your safe room chamber.

NOTE: Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas and it will sink to the floor of your safe room chamber forming an invisible blanket. Always position your family at least 1 ft. above the floor.

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